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Be Everybody’s Scorekeeper


Get most of your tournament

  • Create and manage your event
  • Get more teams to sign up the tournament
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Manage brackets and formats on app/web
  • Share directly the match infographics to any other social channels
  • Push sponsors messages and banners
  • Real-time match schedules and management for tournament administration
  • Web Scorecard, Special Big Screen scorecard for TV / LED Screens output
  • Issue eCertificate for Teams and Players
  • Engage your fan/audience
  • Auto-create match story for each match ready for media publishing


Manage your team

  • Register teams on Apps / Web
  • Team profile with team logos/images and players photos
  • Invite and manage your team
  • Follow score in real-time on app/web
  • Share your achievements and scores from app
  • Generate match results, player’s stats. Helps to identify MVP or best player of the match
  • Handle Social media content
  • Share directly the match infographics to any other social channels


Engage your fans beyond the ground

  • Track your Team and Player Stats anytime and anywhere
  • Follow and Engage with team
  • More tools in pipeline

Let’s Put Your Sports Story together.

Be Everybody's Scorekeeper

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