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What is Sportelos – Game On ?

Simplification of score-keeping of any game that is played on streets corners, grounds and sport arena. Capture scorecard thro simple mobile application and share ”Your moments of game history across the world”. It will support different games and rules across the world as we develop the complete product.

The Game On app by Sportelos is one stop application to manage your sports records for real games played on real grounds.

  • Challenge and Tournament – provides easy access to setup your own teams within the circle of friends in your area to play the games.
  • Complete detailed scoring tools helps to create ball by ball score keeping for cricket. The App also provides for the games badminton, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, kabaddi and cricket.
  • Allows to create your own teams by simply inviting from your mobile contacts or manual entry.
  • Complete life cycle of invite and accepts are finally added into the team is supported seamlessly.
  • The core product allows one to define a tournament management with Table points for participating team

What you get from our application?
  • Discover: Players, Team, Challenge and Grounds
  • Play: Team & Individual games played in grounds and courts
  • Score: Capture the details of your score in application and share
  • Organize: Your own Tournaments with point table and scheduling
  • Analysis: Track your stats and others on multiple games

  • Team > add members > Invite and finalize your team
  • Ground > add new ground > add courts and photos identified as new resources in your area
  • Challenge > Invite other for a game > decide on grounds > time to play
  • Tournament > choose either selected or Open ended invites > decide grounds
  • Game > Toss > Select the game format > Play
  • Share > the final scorecard to your social groups
  • Allows Login with facebook or g++
  • Currently we are supporting the following games basketball, cricket, hockey, football, badminton, kabaddi and volleyball.
  • Create your own Team
  • Add new Ground into the application
  • Challenge any / your teams for a game
  • Setup Tournament (It allows to schedule games with multiple teams and points table
  • Finalize your playing team, assign roles and get started
  • Start playing your game and publish your game scorecard in real-time
  • Your friends and others can view your real time scorecards
  • Take game photos and stream photos to your friends in real-time
  • Share your Scorecard with friends on facebook

Team Enrollment Process
Tournament Registration Process

Be Everybody's Scorekeeper

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