Millennium Cup 2018


Basketball 3×3 Tournament in Bangalore, May 19-20, 2018

3×3 U13 Boys Finalists: Bharath Union & Delhi Public School

Bharath Unions was one of the teams making a place in the finals of the U13 Boys Basketball tournament. The team dominated from the initial of the competition.

Delhi Public School (DPS) was yet another team making through the finals of the competition.

Roadmap to Boys Finals For DPS

  • Semifinal win vs Sharp Shooters (11-4)
  • Round 2 : victory against ABN Boys (8-0)
  • Round 1: victory against VSAI (9-0)

Finals: DPS South Boys 7 : 6 Bhatath

Roadmap to Girls Finals For DPS South

  • Roadmap to finals for DPS South
  • Semifinals : victory against Giants (12-7)
  • Quarter finals: victory against NBA Juniors (15-1)
  • Round 1 : victory against IBBC (11-6)

DPS Girls too were impressive in the tournament. They won the finals of the 3×3 Girls Above 16 & thereby added glory to their school by winning one more title to their name.

Congratulations to the Delhi Public School for their sporting performance in the tournament.

Such tournaments play a huge significant role for the progress of the sport in nation.

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Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Memorial Inter School Basketball Tournament 2017

Author: Adi Sreevatsa

The Memorial Cup was a memorable cup for the teams which contested in the tournament. The tournament was held for 3 days between 2nd August to 5th August. It was held in the year 2017.  The total number of teams which registered was 15 teams namely.

AlpineHJKPLFPSSt Paul’s
BrigadeInnisfreeNPS RVibgyor HSR
ClaranceKumaran’s CBSE Shaniktehan BilekhalliVPS Boys
DPS SouthKumaran’s ICSEShantiniketan Micro

The tournament was played in a knockout format. The Tournament was played over 3 days and each team knocked out the other over the 3 days of the tournament. Let’s look at how each team performed throughout the tournament.

Day #1

Team Report Cards


They had a tough fixture to start with. They faced the mighty Kumaran’s CBSE. Kumaran’s CBSE just breezed their way through winning 58-19., Kumaran’s CBSE were on top from the first quarter having won it 21-6. They continued it with 15-1,16-9,6-3. 

Kumaran’s CBSE

Kumaran’s had a good tournament. They started their campaign with a win against Alpine boys. They, later on, did have a close game against NPS R Boys which they managed to win. They played Brigade Boys in  the Semi-Final and went onto win the tournament by beating DPS. They came in as favorites and proved a point to all those people who doubted their capabilities.

Vibgyor HSR

Vibgyor didn’t have a good spell in the tournament whatsoever. They ended up getting knocked out in the very first round when they played against Kumaran’s Icse. They didn’t give much of a competition for them.

Kumaran’s ICSE

Kumaran’s ICSE beat Vibgyor and Shantiniketan boys but they couldn’t go past the mighty DPS South Boys. DPS went on to go all the way to the finals which they couldn’t go onto win.

Day #2


Innisfree Boys did have a close game in their first-round against Shantiniketan ( Billekhalli) 67-58. They weren’t close at all in the second round to beat DPS. They managed to get only 6 points against them while DPS scoring 52 points.


VPS had an extremely close game against Shantiniketan micro (boys). They just missed by 1 point to score an equalizer. Shantiniketan beat VPS with the scoreline being 52-51. They had to take a tough one under their chin. They would be proud of the fight they showed to the opponent.

Shantiniketan Micro

They just crossed the line by a point in the first round. They had opponents who gave them a tough fight. They couldn’t keep the same going in the second round as they did lose to Kumaran’s ICSE. The scoreline was 39-53. They weren’t quite at it against the kumaranites. They would hope for better basketball in the upcoming tournaments.


LFPS had a tough fixture to start the tournament with. They faced NPS R- Boys. They lost against them with quite a huge difference. They weren’t the favorites to win against them and it didn’t seem like they would do it with the way they played against them. They have hoped to put a better show. They will bounce stronger in the next tournament.

Day #3


NPS R did play good basketball in the first round. They beat LPS quite comfortably. They would have hoped to continue the form which they had started the tournament with. It wasn’t the case. They did lose against Kumaran’s CBSE who did come into the tournament as strong favorites. They lived up to the expectation by winning the tournament. NPS R Boys lost to them. The scoreline was 49-68


DPS South entered into the tournament in the second round. They comfortably went onto win their matches till the final. They faced Innisfree and Kumaran’s ICSE in the semi-final. They won the second round match 52-6 and the semi-final match 40-19. The story was different in the final , they faced the opponents who were strong favorites to win the tournament. They faced in the final was Kumaran’s CBSE. DPS did give a fight to the Kumaranites but it wasn’t enough to beat them . Kumaran’s CBSE went onto win the finals with the scoreline 54-47.

This thrilling tournament came to an end after 3 days with Kumaran’s CBSE lifting the trophy. It was well deserved. They and the rest of the teams would hope to do well in the upcoming tournaments.

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