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Kobe Bryant : A Legend


Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant passed on Jan. 26 at age 41. Bryant and his 13-year-old little girl, Gianna, were among the listed nine people on board — one pilot and eight passengers — and there were no survivors, according to local authorities. in Calabasas, California. Bryant entered the NBA straight out of secondary school in 1996 and won five titles and one standard season MVP grant. Over the world, players, mentors, and fans grieved Bryant’s passing. The NBA reported in February that the All-Star Game MVP grant, which he won multiple times, would be renamed in his honor. To pay tribute to his memory, Nike is dispatching “Mamba Week,” praising his effect on the NBA and the game’s world. On Monday, Aug. 24 — 8/24 — the NBA world will praise both of the shirt numbers worn during Bryant’s 20-year playing profession.


Kobe Bryant, an 18-time NBA All-Star winner in a 20 year Los Angeles Lakers championship, died Sunday in a crash by helicopter. He’s been 41. Bryant had one of the NBA’s biggest careers and became one lakers’ most famous game players. In 2008, he was the league MVP and double champion of the NBA and earned 15 All-NBA selections.


Bryant published the book The Mamba Mentality: MCD/Farrar, Straus, and Giroux on October 23, 2018, with pictures and the following words by Andrew D. Bernstein, a lecture by Phil Jackson, and Pau Gasol’s preface. The book illustrates with photos and observations on his vocation. He collaborated with the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho on a young book that inspired oppressed children at the time of his passing. Coelho, after Bryant passed by, deleted the draught by saying, “It was not a good bode to distribute without him.” It had no record of whether the book had a title or the number of pages that had been composed. The Wizard series: Training Camp, The Legacy, and the Queen and Epoca: The Tree of Prof. Bryant has also composed/created a few young adult books through the Granity Studios. After his death in March 2020, a fourth book, The Wizenseries: Stage One was released. They improved the New York Times center assessment by the Wizarenard Series: Season One.


While Bryant’s name stands for Basketball and does not show Hollywood honors, in 2018 he won his Oscar. At the ceremony, Bryant was awarded the trophy for a best animated short film with Glen Keane who animated, directed, and directed the short called “Dear Basketball,” featuring the music of the award-winning composed filmmaker John Williams, who worked on “Star Wars,” “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” Telling by Bryant, the poem that Los Angeles Lakers wrote on The Players’ Tribune” announcing his retirement in November 2015 is almost five and a half minutes long. With lines like I have fallen in love with you / A love so deep I gave you my entire thing / my mind and body / to my mind and soul,” and I’ve been everything I’ve given to give this season. / I’ve been in love with you / my mind can take the garbage / my body knows that it’s time to say goodbye.”

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