With the lockdown gradually being relaxed, I am certain that we will soon be able to run freely and participate in sporting events. Since we have been confined indoors for so long, endurance and stamina of athletes has most definitely suffered. Exercising, eating right and getting the rest your body requires are some of the secrets towards building long-term stamina. 

If you’re looking for ways to enhance stamina through various exercises, keep reading to learn about how you can achieve desired results.

8 Exercises to increase Stamina & build Endurance

#1 Cycling

Cycling is one of the best cross training exercises that provides you with a lot of aerobic advantages. Cycling  improves concentration, builds muscles, improves stamina and strengthens your immune system. 

#2 Jumping jacks

An easy total-body aerobic workout that targets your muscles, lungs and heart. Lunges is a great warm-up exercise that also helps with stress relief, weight loss and muscular toning.

#3 Push-ups

Push-ups are a simple exercise that strengthens the upper body and core. It works a variety of muscles, including the chest, biceps, triceps, shoulder, back and legs. A simple workout, highly effective in boosting stamina.

 #4 Squats

Squats work a large number of muscles. Squats provide a number of advantages, including strengthening muscles, burning fat, aiding weight loss and improving lower body flexibility.

#5 Mountain Climbers

An excellent way to improve cardio endurance, core strength and agility. Mountain climbers work the quadriceps, biceps, deltoids, triceps, hamstrings, obliques and abdominal muscles.

#6 Lunges

Lunges is a powerful strength training exercise for athletes who wish to develop, sculpt, tone their bodies, as well as improve their general fitness and sports performance. This resistance workout is well-known for strengthening your back, hips and legs while also increasing mobility, stability.

#7 Walking

The most simple and adaptable form of exercise is walking. Athletes can modify their walking intensity to suit their fitness level. Walking promotes fitness, cardiac health, mood, endurance, circulation and posture.It relieves you of depression and weariness, decreases pain, prevents weight gain, lowers cancer, chronic disease risk.

#8 Running

Running is the most demanding form of endurance training. Running allows athletes to have control over performance and environmental variables such as running velocity, surface gradient, ambient temperature, wind speed, relative humidity.

In conclusion, increasing your stamina is beneficial while you are building a healthy and stronger version of yourself. Stamina is important for performance and can help you improve your game significantly. Whether you need to run for 90 minutes, 3 sets on a tennis court or finish multiple practice dance routines, one thing is common: you will need a lot of endurance. One size doesn’t not fit all- It’s ideal that you try out the exercises mentioned above and see which ones work best for your body.