Despite the Rome loss, the Manchester United make through Europe League final


Despite a 3-2 defeat to Roma at Stadio Olimpico, Thursday, Manchester United booked her spot in the Europa League final. An excellent Edinson Cavani brace was not enough to prevent defeat at night, but the lateral advancement by Ole Gunnar Solskjær was 8-5 after an exciting two-legged match. On May 26th they will visit Villarreal from Spain in Gdańsk for the final.

Despite a semi-final after a 6-2 win in the first leg, it played a frenetic pace in the back mount. With David de Gea denying Gianluca Mancini from a dot-blank range before Henrikh Mkhitaryan was heading towards the side netting, Roma had a few major changes in the first couple of minutes.

Cavani loved feasting on the exposed back of Roma and almost burst through the first half. They found the Uruguayan in an acre of space in a ball over the top of the defense, while his delicate chip cut the top of the crossbar over. Cavani timed a perfect run across the ball on a Bruno Fernandes five minutes later, but a powerful Antonio Mirante saves refused in one person.

Roma soon struck back and Mkhitaryan strained to go for a Pedro cross off the goal and at the nearby post he took a low Lorenzo Pellegrini screenshot. Cavani was a continual breach of challenge, and eventually, five minutes before halftime, he opened the scoring thanks to Fred’s intelligent link-up action. From the middle ground, the Brazilian broke and stepped into the striker’s path; Cavani did not mistake when he was cleaned, struck Mirante 1-0 behind.

Cavani liked to celebrate on the exposed back of Roma, on the other side and nearly broke out in the first half. The Uruguayan was located over the head of the defense in an acre of land, while his sensitive chip slashed over the top of the counter. Five minutes later, on Bruno Fernandes, Cavani paced the perfect run over the ball, but one human declined to save powerful Antonio Mirante.

Roma had immediately joined forces with ropes, and in the ensuing minutes produced a series of strong chances. United just maintained its one-goal deficit by a magnificent de Gea goalkeeper who stood by Pedro and Mkhitarian to repel attempts.

At the outset, Cavani’s dream of a miraculous return had to be snapped out and duly compelled. Again, Bruno Fernandes had a great deep cross in the Roma box for a Cavani who had no trademark to go home. He was the provider. No doubt about the 34-year-old with the best strikers in the world, and about the fact that for another season, United must tie him up at all costs.

On the bareback of Roma on the other line, Cavani liked to celebrate and almost broke out in the second half. They placed the Uruguayan in an acre of land over his head of defense, while his vulnerable chip was slashing over the table. On Bruno Fernandes, five minutes after, Cavani ran the ideal race, but one man refused to save Antonio Mirante, a powerful man.