Football Tournament: Thiagarajan Naidu Invitation Cup 2021


After a long lockdown, we have seen redemption of football matches around the globe. However, that hasn’t been the case locally to the disappointment of players. But now, the emergence of Thiagarajan Naidu Invitational Cup has sparked the football lovers around the city. The tournament kicks off on 27th of March and concludes on April 25th, occupying all the weekends in the time.

64 teams compete for the cup in group and knock out phases of the tournament. There are 8 zones in the tournament, with 8 teams representing each zone. At a zone, it will classify 8 teams into 2 groups, followed by zonal semi finals & zonal finals. The final winner of the zone progress to the quarterfinal stage of the competition with Rs10,000 guaranteed cash prize. The tournament organized by Bharatiya kreedaa Vikas.

This will allow each team to field 12 players, 7 players, while there will be 3 substitutes and 2 reserved players. During the group stages, the substitution will roll, but in the knocked stages they will only allow 3 substitutions.

The group stage will take place for 7 minutes in each half, while the zonal knockout corresponds to 10 minutes in each half. This quarter-last match will last for 15 minutes. And the semi-finals will play for 20 minutes every half-minute, but the playoffs at least in the final and 3rd place will not continue for 25 minutes per half.

It doesn’t matter who wins or who loses, but your participation matters the most. Nelson Mandela once said,

Nelson Mandela once said,

“I never lose or I win, I learn”.

It is an excellent platform for learning and gaining experience. Despite that, our organizers will announce the award accordingly. Everyone will receive a participation award. The winners will receive 55000, gold medals, and a cup win. The runner-up will receive 40,000 cash and silver medals.

The third-placed team will receive a cash prize of 25000, a bronze medal. The 4th team will get 15000 as a cash prize. The quarterfinalists will receive 10,000 cash prizes (each team reaches this stage).

The cost of this reward is 5000 rupees. You need to register yourself; you need to contact Vivek Bhaskar and Mahesh Roh or you can register through Sportelos.

App link to register yourself

Web link!/tournament/U2FsdGVkX1%2BtPor21LdGtVv8hd7mRWIE0r4Xik7FhvzLYIoYs3YWuGr3wTIHu2%2BOlqrB9V%20?et=true