Overall vision of the MC is to use sports events as a tool: Sandhya Manjunath


Hello everyone, here Miss Sandhya Manjunath has shared her experience about Malleshwaram cup and its success.

Malleshwaram Cup

Malleshwaram Cup (MC) is an exclusive tournament hosted in Malleshwaram, a hub producing a consistent number of national and international players. We can derive the evidence of the same from the “Pride of Malleshwaram” awarded each year to those players from the community who make the nation proud. The MC is co-hosted by the community’s sports foundation, three legendary basketball clubs, and a sport management company. The five collaborators namely Malleshwaram Sports Foundation, YMMA, Beagles Basketball Club, Bharath Sports Union, and ATSIY have shared a rare comradery in hosting the last four editions starting in 2017. Although there were many tournaments in the past that slowly dissolved for various reasons, in the honor of those tournaments MC carries the tagline “Reliving History.” With the support of Karnataka State Basketball Association, along with the help and encouragement from local MLA, Councilor, and Civic authorities, this Championship will be conducted annually at all the three Clubs on rotation basis. With the contributions from the alumni of the three teams and the enthusiastic current players, the tournament has strengthened year after year. 


The number of aid organisations, NGOs and government agencies pursuing the Millennium Development Goals and seeking to improve the everyday needs and social life of disadvantaged communities has been growing over the past decade. Particularly in divided societies, Sport-For-Development (SFD) projects have increasingly been staged to contribute to intergroup togetherness, social cohesion and community empowerment. One such SFD is MC. The irony is that MC easily brings together multiple groups of the community, namely the players, the organizers, the vendors, and an enormous amount of spectators with no invitation. 

Development Of Game

The overall vision of the MC is to use sports events as a tool to develop the community emphasizing on inclusion, social cohesion, and talent empowerment. Since MC visualizes the development of local talent, the participation is limited to the state of Karnataka geographically. However, we do not allow forgein nationals to take part either to protect the opportunities for local players. It tailors our rules and regulations to uphold the “local youth talent empowerment” motive. Although MC has had enormous support from many local sponsors, Malleshwaram Sports Foundation, Hombale Group, and Pragathi Constructions have been the prominent and consistent sponsors. 
The participation rate has been increasing annually at a rapid rate. 2017 edition of MC witnessed 12 men’s teams and 6 women’s teams, and in the recently concluded 2020 edition the event hosted 24 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams. The participation rate has seen a 100 percent increase over three editions from 216 contestants in 2017 to 432 in 2020. MC is unique when compared to other similar tournaments in the state for multiple reasons. The event has strengthened from a mere competition into an emotion for its participants. The organizers have been consistent in making the tournament creativity and exclusive each year. The highlights of MC include:

  1. It celebrates MVPs of the previous edition as the official poster models for the event in the consecutive year. Each year it decides the MVPs based on the Sportelos statistics report. 
  2. The All-Star Games invites the alumni of the past MCs to hit the floor as All-Star Alumni and compete with the Current All-Star team comprising best players from each team taking part in the respective year. 
  3. The tournament in the men’s category is divided into two divisions. We consider top eight teams Division 1 and the rest of the taking part teams compete in the Division 2. To qualify for Division 1, you either have to be the previous year semi-finalists or current year Division 2 semi-finalists. We conduct both the divisions in the league formats.  
  4. Apart from the regular tournament, the event also hosts open cash prize contests, namely slam dunk contest, sports photography contest, and three-pointer shootout. 
  5. We also know MC for the variety of recognitions awarded.