Breaking News: Diego Maradona, 60, dies of a heart attack.


Diego Maradona has died from a heart attack just days after turning 60. The Argentinian football hero died at home, his lawyer said just three weeks after undergoing surgery on a blot clot in his brain. Maradona won the World Cup with Argentina in 1986, knocking England out of the competition in a game that saw him score the controversial ‘Hand of God’ goal and another– known as one of the biggest goals of all time. Considered being one of the best players of all time on the pitch, his life off the pitch was similarly notorious-in the middle of fights against cocaine and alcohol abuse. He has won the Italian hand of Napoli, winning the Serie A title in 1987 and 1990, the Italian Cup in 1987, and the UEFA Cup in 1991. Yet it was also in these years that his addiction to drugs took root. In 1991, the year he quit the club, they suspended him for 15 months for substance infringements. They kicked him out of the World Cup in America in 1994 when a substance test failed before he retired from football in 1997.

In 1999 and 2000, it admitted him to hospital with heart attacks, the second time he used a respirator to breathe. In 2004, he was again hospitalized in hospital for major heart and lung complications because of his opioid addiction. He underwent two gastric bypass surgeries to manage his weight and received medication for substance dependence. In January, he underwent surgery to stop bleeding in his liver, and in July, he had knee surgery. He was taken to the hospital for treatment on a blood clot in his brain three weeks ago before it released him to recover at home. It was there that they murdered him on Wednesday. The Argentine news agency, Clarin, broke the news on Wednesday afternoon in the United Kingdom, describing the news of Maradona’s death as having a ‘worldwide effect.’ The tragic news has been confirm by Maradona’s counsel. Soon, tributes come from all over the world of soccer. On November 11, Maradona left the hospital just eight days after being admitted for emergency brain surgery.

The legendary retired it pushed Argentinian soccer player out of the private Olivos Clinic shortly before 6 pm on November 11th, when hundreds of photographer fans sought to get a glimpse of him. Maradona was admitted the previous week and required emergency surgery to clear a blood clot from his head. Argentinian TV reporters riding on motorbikes captured an ambulance transporting him leaving before accompanying the vehicle to relay every inch of his journey. His lawyer, Matias Morlahas, said the 60-year-old will continue to have cared for alcohol abuse. Maradona, who was coach of Gimnasia y Esgrima in his home country, has been admitting to the hospital frequently since his retirement. He almost died of cocaine-induced heart disease in 2000 and underwent years of recovery. Maradona, well known for leading a wild lifestyle before and during his playing days, underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight in 2005 and was once again treated for alcohol-induced hepatitis two years later. He also became ill at the last World Cup in Russia, where he was filmed in an executive box as Argentina took over and defeated Nigeria in Group D.