“Horváth Judit” Nyugati Liga Női Amatőr Bajnokság: Hungarian Regional Tournament


Kornélia Marton had some best time during the Regional Basketball Tournament. She shares her experience with us. This is how sports are growing widely.

Q. Besides winning a championship, do your team have other goals? What are they?

A. Yes, it has! There is only one goal, be a FAMILY.

Q. Does each assistant and player on your team know their exact role?

A. Yes, everybody knows what they should do. We learn the strategies that our coach tells us. Each team member concentrates on what her/his work is.

Q. Does each assistant and player know your opinion of their strengths and weaknesses?

A. We are a family. If somebody has a weakness, we work on that to make it a strength.

Q. Do your players know what an excellent shot is? Have you defined this? Does it depend on time and score?

A. Good shot depends on the player. Everybody has bad days, we can’t define what is an excellent shot. The point is to score, no matter how.

Q. Does your staff prepare for practice with the same mentality that they prepare for games? Do your players? Do you prepare the same way if you are playing the worst team on your schedule as you do for the best?

A. We think every team is the best in its way. We always prepare the same, and mentally we always think about the game, no matter if we are.
in training.

Q. Do you truly believe that on any night any team can beat you? Along those same lines, do you truly believe that you can beat anyone?

A. Honestly, nobody is perfect. It depends on a lot of stuff, but sometimes the best team can lose too.

Q. Are your players on top of their school work? Don’t let academics be a distraction during the season.

A. Some players are doctors, some players are a student at university but we have students who go to high school. We have different people, but none of them had a problem if she should choose the studies instead of training.

Q. Are your players getting eight hours of sleep every night? They can never perform up to their potential if they aren’t well-rested. Do you know studies show that getting a glorious night’s sleep two days before a big game is just as important as the night before? Do your players know this?

A. Well-rested means other things to each other. Somebody needs eight hours, the other needs ten. My team knows that we need to rest whenever we have time. Sometimes it is not possible before the game, but we have other responsibilities too.

Q. Are your players eating breakfast every day? There is no way they can give 100 percent for an entire practice or game if they are running on fumes. Pancakes, waffles, bagels, cereal, oatmeal, and fruit are some fantastic high energy foods.

A. Everybody eats normally. The only one is on diet is me, but I only count the calories, I don’t avoid these foods.

Q. Do your players eat an appropriate pre-game meal? Some studies have shown that eating a light meal (with adequate carbs and protein) 3-4 hours before a game is ideal. Do your players know this?

A. No one has an appropriate meal. We are not professionals; it is our job to play basketball. But I have a thing that the day before the game I hate something high carbon-hydrated meal, to have more energy for the game.

Are your players drinking enough water? Their performance can decrease severely with the slightest bit of dehydration. Make sure water is readily available at all practices and games.

A. Everybody drinks enough water. Not because of the game, because of their health and body.

Q. Are your players tending to any nagging injuries or soreness? In most cases, ice and Advil (only taken with parental consent) can cure most minor issues. If pain persists, make sure they go see a doctor or physical therapist for a professional diagnosis.

A. Luckily, we don’t have so many injuries. Unfortunately, if we have, it is something serious, so we immediately go to the doctors.

Q. Do you require your players to wear ankle braces or get taped for every practice or game? It is something to consider as a way of reducing devastating ankle injuries.

A. We wear braces because we had injuries with that body part. No one can reduce injuries. It happens for a reason.

Q. Do your players get to practice 10-15 minutes early to get in some individual shooting and ball-handling work? Do they stay after practice to get in additional shots and/or free throws?

A. At the beginning we a routine to shoot and run a bit but we do this during the training too.

Q. During practice, are you an energy giver? Is your enthusiasm contagious to your staff and players? It all starts with you!

A. Everybody helps each other. Sometimes it is me, sometimes they help me because I had a bad day.

Q. Do you recognize and reward the players who do the little things? Do your players know that taking charges, diving for loose balls, and thanking a teammate for a great pass are just as important as scoring?

A. Everybody is important! Everything is important! The little steps, he tries to score. We applause no matter what.

Q. Does your team warm-up and stretch properly before all practices and games? Your team should go through a standardized warm-up before every workout, practice, and game. It will make sure they are mentally and physically ready to play.

A. Yes, we warm-up always. It can reduce injuries too.

Q. Does your team continue to strength train during the season? Strength is an attribute that is quickly diminished. In as little as three weeks your players will lose strength if they don’t continue to lift weights!

A. We do exercises every week. We need our muscles to work well during the game.

Q. Do you know how to motivate your team to play hard and play well? Are you sure?

A. The captain motivates always, we need not do it after her, because we are enough motivated every time after her speech.

Q. Do you treat every player the same? While there is validity to another approach, you should “treat every player fairly, but not equally.” Every player on your team is different and needs to be handled differently!

A. Treat every player fairly, but not equally is what we do. We know what motivates the other, what no. But every player deserves to be treated fairly.

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