Tournament Brackets


Single Elimination

Single elimination bracket: This type of bracket commonly picked by organizer because it is less complicated especially in knock out stages there is basically two types of single-elimination tournament one is one side and another is two sides both work very similar, every competitor loses the match get eliminated and winner move to the next stage. This continues until we get the winner. The chance bye is almost nill. Byes only come in action only once if teams or player is unavailable.

Double Elimination

Double elimination bracket: This is more complex than a single-elimination bracket, where we were terminating every player or team which lose a match. Here in the double-elimination bracket, we grant an extra chance to increase the motivation to the teams or players. Unlike a single-elimination tree or bracket, you will find two trees or a couple of brackets, one is the main tree and another is for losing team or for the player. You can also call a second chance tree to a defeated tree. All the matches will take place in the first place tree and the losing team or player will place in the second chance tree according to the number.

Once we get to know who is the first finalist or we can say if the main tree matches are over. Only then second chance matches come to the action.
Let us assume we have 7 competitors each competitor will be placed in the main tree randomly, bye will be applied if needed. Each competitor should be numbered as it will have consequences for the defeated team if someone loses his or her match will befall to their respective number in the second chance tree and these steps will be repeated until we get our first finalist.
Depending on the size of the division some team or player might find themselves without an opponent, in this case, the competitor will reach the next level until they found an opponent. Matches in 2nd chance tree will follow as same as the main tree. This play will be followed until we find our 2nd finalist.
To get eliminated from the tournament you need to lose 2 matches, This is an advantage for the first finalist, he just needs to win 1 match out of 2 to win the tournament, while the 2nd competitor needs to win the next 2 matches to finish as first.

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