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The history boys, the fantasy club, the 10-time champions, have gone and done it. Courtesy of their magician chief beyond remarkable. A 6th successive semi-final for Real Madrid and there’s one singular reason why! His name is Cristiano Ronaldo, the goal inside a quarter of an hour, another before Wolfsburg recovered, and then the final one-quarter of an hour from time to take their breath away, take the continent breath away. – Peter Drury (after 90 mins of the second leg of the quarter-final)

After 1st leg of the champions league, quarter-final, it seems almost impossible to come back, in 2016 Real Madrid was playing against Wolfsburg FC at Volkswagen Arena, where they lost 2-0 and Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo, struggled throughout the match against the German giants. During the press conference, Wolfsburg manager (D. Hecking) said that “Real Madrid the weakest of the strongest “Even Brazilian National Dante added “Watching Ronaldo? To be honest, watching my son junior was easier”.

Unlike 1st leg, Ronaldo capitalized chance at Santiago Bernabeu, Carvajal crossed the ball and Ronaldo scored his first goal of the match within 15 minutes. Ronaldo doubles the lead for Real Madrid on 17th minute when he headed the corner kick from Kross and put the ball behind the net. Cristiano stunned everyone. He put his team in a winning position out of nowhere. The score was 2-2on aggregate, Real Madrid was looking dangerous, Wolfsburg attacked well, but they were failed to convert the chances.

On 76th minutes, Gustavo bought Modric down through a free-kick for Real Madrid. On 77th minutes, Ronaldo scored the most fascinating goal of the match. He put the ball in a frame from 25 yards away. The score remains the same throughout the match. Real Madrid won the quarter-final on aggregate (3-2).

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