Malleshwaram Cup 2020 Women’s Final


2 Feb 2020, a joyful day for SJCC women while a little unfortunate or unforgettable day for Jain University so near but so far. After a long wait, we found our champion as SJCC women. Even Jain University also makes it tough for SJCC women. The game ends up with tears for both of the team SJCC women and Jain University, One team cried with tears of joy whereas others cried with tears of sorrow. Every girl of both of the team showed their actual character, and even at the last minute of the game, it became tough to decide which team will lift the trophy. But SJCC women stunned everyone with their performance in their own and known style.

SJCC lifts the trophy in the most staggering fashion. But the path wasn’t easy for both of the teams, it was challenging and demanding. Before reaching the finals, Jain University faced tough teams like NHCE Women’s Basketball, Srishti Institute, Mount Carmel College, Christ University, and BMSCE Girls. All matches were very competitive. While SJCC Women faced teams like Mount Carmel College, APU women’s Basketball, RIT, RUCE Girls, and NHCE Women’s Basketball team.

SJCC women not only won every match but the margin of every game was enough to tell the dominance of this team, even in the semi-finals they stunned the NHCE Women Basketball team who were more likely to lift the trophy. In every quarter of the final, it was full of excitement, and fans were eagerly waiting for the champion at the end of every quarter situation was getting more and more dramatic. And both the teams gave their best and in the last quarter of the game. And at the last moment, SJCC Women announced as the winner of the tournament.