Why everyone cannot be best like Ronaldo and Messi


Leading for 11 years, Ronaldo and Messi. Your rival has improved, but for a few years, they remain the same as they did. Players don’t know how to play nowadays. I know their social media accounts to them. Youngsters we know their social media accountsn’t passionate about their game, they ‘re not passionate about the amount they get from sponsors. Besides taking football as a career, Cristiano and Messi excel because of their zeal and work ethic. You keep the workload and keep it always by profession.

In the entire career, much fewer injuries

Reus, Bale, Neymar, Sane, Pogba, and many people are known for their incredible skills, shiny shape, fascinating gameplay, and a magnificent feeling, but they are still long wounded during the season. The recovery rate is so high, although the injury rate is low for Ronaldo and Messi. Burn himself more and more, Ronaldo follows the right diet. He worked enough to hold his body fat in the corona era. The doctor said his fat is 7%, his physics is better than the age of 25 and 35.

Handle the situation of pressure

Whenever junior players are paid for their talent, unlike Cristiano and Messi, they do not prove their worth. When Ronaldo came to Santiago Bernabéu for 94 million dollars and left true Madrid, in 438 message matches he scored 450 goals, which is amazing. His teammates bullied him when Messi was young, but his talent silenced his critics.


When any younger player plays a few delightful games, he named as successor of Ronaldo or Messi which creates unnecessary and unwanted pressure in increasing their price cash. For example, Barca purchased it as Neymar’s successor, but because of the unwanted pressure, Coutinho could not prove himself and then only loaded it into the Bayern Munich following a one-half season. I think we will find many excellent players, but not as a successor to Ronaldo and Messi.