Gareth Bale and His Career


The star at Southampton, the star at Tottenham, known for a hat trick against inter in UCL for Spurs. When Real Madrid added bale to the squad, he completed the missing puzzle. The bale was fast. We well know his stunner is well for a decade. Bale joined Madrid in 2013 with an incredible price tag of over 90 million. Everything was going pretty well until the horrifying 2016-17 season came over. With just 27 appearances and 9 goals, it was his worst season since joining RMA. But the worst was yet to come, with other players performing impressively Bale was inevitably sidelined.

The manager started losing faith because of his poor form and above that, his ego let him down because of which even his fans started booing him. He is like a Formula 1 car, He just needs to be finely tuned – Former Real Madrid Captain Fernando Hierro. From being compared to Neymar to not even making his name in the top 50 footballers. The popularity of Isco and rising star Marco Asensio has made the life of Welshman difficult as he can’t speak Spanish too.

He is just 30 and, most of the player at this age is the state at their peak. But due to injury concern, he is not worthy anymore for Real Madrid. Manager and former player of Real Madrid, Zidane wants to sell him . Real Madrid almost sell him to the Chinese club for $100-$150 million dollars, but due to Marco Asensio’s injury they didn’t sell him. This season before coronavirus he showed his class and his assist to Benzema through his outside of the foot(Trivela) was incredible and stunned everyone. But why Frenchman wants to sell Bale.

  1. Bale injury: In the past few years Bale’s injury rate is much higher than the recovery rate. Last time he was absent for over 100 days.
  2. Lack of passion. According to Zidane, Bale is very irresponsible towards Real Madrid.
  3. Bale is more on Golf than Football, which increases his injury chances.

Bale is someone who can change the wind of the match with talent and saying he is not responsible or has a lack of passion will be wrong, yes he spends more time on Golf than Football which is not good for his career but I think he can score more goals and produce more for Real Madrid. No one can forget his overhead kick against Liverpool in UCL final 2018 and his decision against Barcelona in Copa del Rey 2014 where he runs 60m in 10 seconds and scored nutmeg goal.