NFL Top 100 Rankings

Full NFL Top 100 list: Here's who players voted as the best in the league |  Sporting News

The National Football League (NFL) has released a Top 100 rankings list of players in the NFL. The votes were based on player opinions and so only players in the NFL could vote. There was a good amount of approval and also a lot of backlash. The Top 5 included Baltimore Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson coming in at 1st, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson coming in at 2nd, LA Rams DT Aaron Donald coming in at 3rd, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes coming in at 4th and New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas coming in at 5th. 

Most people were content with the Top 5 selection made. However, most people also did not agree that Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes deserved to be placed at 4th. Arguments have been circling the internet regarding this, with many arguing that Mahomes deserves to be ranked 1st on the list and that nobody in the NFL is a better player than Patrick Mahomes at the moment. This past season, Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a Superbowl win over the San Francisco 49ers in a nail-biting finish, where the Chiefs came back from a 20-10 deficit fueled by a great performance from Mahomes. Baltimore Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson was ranked first mainly because of his MVP season. Jackson was named the Most Valuable Player in the NFL and led the Ravens to the playoffs last year. The NFL community acknowledges that Lamar Jackson’s MVP triumph was justified, however, many fans acknowledge that Patrick Mahomes is the best player as a whole.

Patrick Mahomes in his sophomore season as an NFL quarterback posted incredible statistics. He became the third quarterback in NFL history to throw 50 touchdowns in a season, joining the New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady in 2007 and the Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning in 2013. Mahomes also threw for just over 5000 yards that same season, which is a feat only 11 quarterbacks have ever achieved. 

Despite all the talks about the NFL’s top rankings, the players themselves do not seem bothered and are looking forward to the restart of the NFL season. This list only makes them hungry to win more and will set us up for an electric, entertaining NFL season.