Messi And Ronaldo


It’s a dream for every football fan across the world that Ronaldo and Messi playing for the same team, long-time rivals could play together at Juventus. The speculations are alarming. This insane dream could be a reality. Ronaldo and Messi give us the best rivalry at El Clasico, the craziest goals. The best game we ever dreamed about and recently Rivaldo (Brazilian legend) said that I believed that some legend is already dreaming about a Messi Ronaldo double at Juventus and how big it would be around the globe.

Juventus would quickly recover from any investment in Argentinian they will get the boast from marketing. When Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus, they sold above 50000 Jersey in less than 24 hours. “It would be monumental to see playing together and I am sure many Juve sponsors would love to help this happen financially so it’s also a possibility for the mess”- Rivaldo added.

Reasons for these rumors i) Messi want to Neymar back, but Barcelona failed to do that.
ii) Messi’s contract will be at an end in 2021 and he has not signed a new a contract with Barcelona.
iii) Messi did not agree with the board when they removed Valverde.
Recently Barcelona swapped Arthur for Pjanic with Juventus, which shows good relations between two European giants.