Football is Back in Germany


No handshakes; no mascots; no child escorts and no team photos before the start of the match: is this even a football match that we’re talking about?
But yes, these guidelines are for the German Bundesliga, which started again last week after a 60-day break caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic that made the world go on a half-time break.

A few days ago, Hertha Berlin, a German club, suspended its Ivorian forward Salomon Kalou for flouting the guidelines. The forward shared a video on social media that showed him shaking hands, clapping, fist-bumping with his teammates, and even moaning about pay cuts. Later, he apologized.

Germany has nearly 1,79,000 corona virus cases, of which 1,58,000 have been recovered, according to World meter. This has reported 8,270 deaths and has 12,261 active cases. However, the number of cases has decreased in the last few weeks. The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant effect on the financial health of the players, and they were eager to complete the league to pick up the $300 million kitties from the TV deal.

Restarting the league was only possible because of a comprehensive set of safety measures prepared by the German Football League, an association that manages the Bundesliga. The rules note that the two teams will not arrive at the stadium at the same time. Players and workers must maintain a gap of 1,5 The M and wear masks. Busses should be disinfected. It encourages home team players to use personal cars, but no carpooling.

Once they reach the stadium, the guidelines state that players must use unique entry points, if possible, to avoid contact. The rules book states that changing rooms should be used in a staggered manner and that if additional rooms are available, it should use them. Players will wear masks while they are in the dressing room, and they should limit the time spent in the dressing room to 40 minutes.

When the match begins, they do not allow players to shake hands before the match, an unimaginable pre-match tradition. Kid escorts, pre-match team pictures, and it will not permit group coordination of teams. Everyone, except the ones on the pitch, will have to wear a mask. Balls have to be disinfected before and during the game. Players and coaching staff will have to sit on every second or third bench to keep a distance of 1.5 meters.