Development of Football Tactics


As the years pass by development in many fields gets over political history? Over, architecture? Um, that’s dead too, but what about football? We have had common recent formations as in 2 -3-5 system, 3-5-2 system, and 4-3-3. We had the liberal twirling midfielders, false nine possession, counter-pressing, and vertical passing.

There are coaches to rely on extreme offensive passing or counter-pressing Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool and Leverkusen are beat example of it. They stress some coaches upon a lot of balls possession and circulation, Pep Guardiola is the king of possession. There are teams with a defensive system, one of which is Atletico Madrid and Jose Mourinho’s team don’t rely on chances. Thomas brought the word game plan through the Bundesliga 10 years ago when he was coaching Mainz 05 with new tactics depending upon the opponent.

The first-ever international football match played between England and Scotland with formations of 1-1-8 and 2-2-6, respectively. A few years later, a pyramid emerged with 2-3-5. In the early 30s Herbert Chapman’s arsenal set incredibly more defensive, and they were like invincible. Pyramid emerged, and arsenal’s defensive formations were famous in the world cup. Then came Hungary with 4-3-3 formation which stunned England with 6-3 with at 3 lions home in 1953, Liverpool current champions league champions used the same formation. In ’60s tight defensive formation of winter proved to be a success for the team.

In ’70s Rinus Michels established proper football IX with the Deutch national team and later Barcelona players adopted it in each case Johan Cruyff played an important role. Each player can play any position on pitch but the wide formation 4-3-3 was to form. He later became the FIFA coach of the century. Bayern plays today based on Louis van Gaal’s 4-3-3 formation from 2010, with wingers extremely stuck to touchlines when in position.

In the 80s Argentina and german dominated their sides of the football with an ugly defense of football as in 1990 the world german side won because defender Guido Buchwald marked Maradona for 90 minutes. Lately, there is no development in tactics as Liverpool’s 4-3-3 pressing high up the pitch was from holland ’70s and high back line and expanding or contracting lines wherein possession Firmino comes backward and let Salah and Mane attack moving between lines shows Hungary of 54.