Can Football Survive Without Fans


The world is under a corona crisis. This virus infects about 150 countries and everyone can’t survive longer market struggling people are in depression economy is just lost and there is no hope for my vaccine at least for now. Many pundits concluded that maybe the vaccination of this virus will not be developed soon.

We have to learn to survive under this virus. Corona virus has killed many humans in the last 6 months while it also infected some celebrities were also with this virus also affected even footballers. On 16th May 2020, they started again Bundesliga and in some matches attendance of fans was good.

But on 26th May, there was zero attendance in the Bayern Munich Versus Dortmund match, where Bayern Munich declared as a winner by Kimmich Goal. This is the second time only when fans were away from the game in the last hundred years. The zero attendance of fans in the stadium was unimaginable. As Ramos said:- Football needs to restart for the economy and Fans.

All of us wanted to see our stars playing with full attendance in the stadium. Fans do not want a locked stadium where only officials coaching staff and players allowed. Without fans, football is like a room without windows dark. This season of football was getting more and more exciting before the corona crisis. Fans have to understand football will rejoice us after coronavirus pandemic, but until then we need to stay healthy and maintain social distancing. Football can survive even without a fan, but the enthusiasm will not.