In Delhi, soccer was a tale of two contrasting stories and a tale of two different sexes. While the northern part of India could not take part in the country’s elite men’s competitions, women have played their part to the fullest, in the growth of football as a sport. Delhi Girls like Jyoti Burret and Swati Rawat are two of the other famous faces of Indian women.

It’s a National Camp. With a potential brainchild coming out in the form of Women’s Leagues, they expect Delhi to be the next big hub for Women’s Football.

Foot and Ball, an organization developed by Disha Malhotra, launched a spark that could lead to a fire and revolutionize Indian Women’s Football (more…). Foot and Ball held the inaugural FAB Women’s Football Tournament on 5 October 2014.

They held the Tournament at the Cathedral of Football in Delhi, Thyagraj Stadium. The Tournament featured a stunning 13 teams, divided into two groups, the U-19, and the Open Sections. The U-19 squad comprising high-profile players, such as Manthan, who would be winners, the Carmel Convent School and My Angels Academy.

Meanwhile, the Open Division comprised ‘big’ teams such as Girls in Boots, including Indian National Team striker Jyoti Burret, AIFF Grass-root coach Anju Turambekar, and 14-year-old wonder kid Marina Khan.

Seven side tournaments, which began at eight o’clock in the morning and ended at six o’clock in the evening, demolished every negative dogma built around Women’s Football.