The biggest football tournament in Delhi, NCR’s neighborhood, showcasing top talent and nail-biting football action. This tournament gives any part of the community that has love and enthusiasm for this game an equal chance. I’ve found the atmosphere is always friendly, enjoyable, and enthusiastic throughout the tournament. Every team has the fervor of playing fair and winning. Children have fun playing as a team with their mates. I can tell the kids and my manager are excited because it’s just a tournament around the corner.

Started as a tournament to encourage football at a grassroots level, HT GIFA has now developed into a massive platform to showcase the best talent from around Delhi-NCR. HT GIFA started in 2013 as a platform to promote football at the grassroots and has turned the game into a phenomenon where the entire city comes together to battle it out on the field.

This season followed. The same format as the previous seasons were teams registered in two different categories—Junior (Class V to Viii) and Senior (Class IX to Xii). The tournament also allowed separate registrations for boys and girls’ teams in both of the categories. Likewise, Vatika Football Academy (boys) and Dream Killers Jr (girls) took the trophy and cash prize of ‘50,000 each in the junior division. Aside from the team awards, Palms FC’s Shravan Chowdhry and Young Gunners’ Rishab Dobrial bagged the Golden Boot Award for scoring nine goals each during the tournament.

Parents’ role in a child’s enthusiasm for a sport is important. A child may have the passion and ability to play football or some other sport, but it is difficult for the child to develop in that sport unless there is some support from parents. There are so many factors that require the role of a parent, including taking them up for practice sessions and allowing them to devote time to the sport.

The fifth season of Great Indian Football Action at the Thyaghraj Stadium in India was inaugurated by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar The tournament sees a multitude of children taking part in football matches and winners will each receive a cash prize of Rs 25000. Hindustan Times caught up with ‘Khiladi Kumar’ on the sidelines of the event and talked about a range of topics including Fitness, diet, and Bollywood Supplement Culture.