Koneru Humpy


Ndian Grandmaster Koneru Humpy claimed the title of the World Women’s Rapid Chess Championship. After Saturday drawing the Armageddon game against Lei Tingjie of China in Moscow. However, The Rapid Chess Championship is a tournament that takes place under fast time controls. Compared with regular tournaments, it gives each player less time to consider their moves. Armageddon Chess is a specific variation of For each of the two players specific rules apply.

The international organization FIDE, which internationally links the different national chess federations organized the tournament. Humpy, 32, made a stunning comeback, winning the game’s 12th. And last round to force a tie-breaker against Tan Zhongyi of China against Tingjie. Humpy is only the second Indian to win the fast gold in the current format. After Vishwanathan, Anand won this title in the open section in 2017. Humpy, from Gudivada in Andhra Pradesh, took the spotlight. When she became the youngest chess champion in the world. (not just a woman chess champion) in 2002, aged 15.

Starting in 13th place, Humpy scored 9 points in all to match Turkey’s Tingjie and Ekaterina Atalik. Humpy had a pleasant start scoring 4.5 points in the first five laps but then lost to Russia’s Irina Bulaga. Humpy has won the last two rounds, in need of a strong finish. The Indian ace, however, needed a bit of luck because Tingjie had to lose to Atalik, which happened.

The suspense was not over yet as Humpy lost the first tie-break game and then won the second to achieve Armageddon. Tingjie had to settle for silver and it went to Atalik with the bronze. Meanwhile, the open section  won by Norway’s Magnus Carlsen, scoring 11.5 points out of a possible 15 rounds.