Ramagya Tournament


Ramagya tournament was like every other tournament but there was one thing unique about this one. It was that tournament was only for 24 hours. There were several teams there. They organized a table tennis tournament and basketball tournament and cricket. Many teams registered their name and there was also an opening ceremony. It took a while for them to start the tournament as there were several teams there.

Source: NDTV Sports Feed


For the first 4-5 games, they used ground but after some time. They occupied the ground for the cricket tournament so all the football ground games have to play on Futsal cemented ground they used basketball court for the game as it was the last moment decision. We had to play bar footed and some players also had to borrow shoes.

For 11 a side game, we had an excellent team, but when we were told about the Futsal game, then we had to divide the team into two. After splitting up, we made two talented teams. Every game was an opportunity to proceed to another round as it was a knockout tournament. One of our team could make up to quarterfinals, but another made it to semi-finals. At some points, it biased referees as they were not the official referees. So, in a nutshell, it was a tragic experience with some that made us do unknown things.