History of Basketball


The game of basketball was created in December of 1891 by YMCA gym teacher James Naismith in Springfield Massachusetts to create the game he used a peach basket a ten-foot pole and a soccer ball in1891 the first-ever basketball game was played between Naismith students it took quite a while but a point was eventually scored and basketball’s first-ever game concluded with an epic final score of one-two zero James Naismith would adjust the rules of the game over the next 20 years and the game will continue to evolve in 1892 dribbling became a legal move in 1893 the first-ever women’s collegiate basketball game was played in 1895 the popularity of basketball spread and basketball became an established sport that was played through numerous high schools and college universities by 1901 basketball collegiate competition was taking place all around the United States as the years went on Naysmith added a backboard and created a leather basketball.

In 1906, An iron ring with the woven net that was used and replaced peach baskets in the 1920s small basketball these were forming around the country among these groups that formed were the Harlem Globetrotters whose flashy and entertaining style help spread basketball’s popularity in 1936 basketball officially became an Olympic sport with the gold medal game played outside in rainy conditions in nineteen thirty-seven professional basketball establish the NBL, meaning the national basketball league which became the first official pro basketball league in 1939 NCAA basketball held their first official championship tournament in 1946 competition arose for the NBL the B. A. A. which means the basketball association of America was established by Walter brown.

The NBL’s popularity was slightly greater than the new BA. But the B. A. A. was quickly on the rise while hosting major basketball games in the Boston Garden and Madison Square Garden from 1946 to 1949 the two least competed intensely to be the top basketball league in America that was until August of nineteen forty-nine leaders of the NBL and the B. A. met at the Empire State Building and the two groups agreed to a merger of both leagues which became the National Basketball Association for ofcourse as we know it the NBA. George Mike and was just beginning his basketball career in the mid-1940s and became the first NBA star in the league that would become all about stars. In 1954 the 24-second shot clock was introduced to the NBA to expedite the game’s tempo. In 1956, Bill Russell was drafted by the Boston Celtics, which was the beginning of the NBA’s greatest dynasty in history.

On March 2nd, 1962 will chamberlain had the greatest scoring performance in NBA history individually scoring one hundred points in a single game. In 1970 Oscar Robertson a legendary NBA player and former president of the NBA Players Association filed an Antitrust lawsuit against the NBA the suit was settled in 1976 which resulted in the creation of NBA free agency which allows player mobility by choice of the players. In 1976 the NBA and a BA which was the American basketball association merged into one league the NBA treated it as an expansion and absorb fourteens from the ABA increasingly from eighteen to twenty-two teams in the 1970s the least popularity had taken hits its.

On court violence and alarming amounts of drug abuse throughout the association in 1978 Larry Bird was drafted by the Boston Celtics and in 1979 Magic Johnson was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers this sparked the greatest rivalry in NBA history which led the NBA to record heights of popularity and viewership and magic and bird are now commonly seen as the saviours of the NBA.

In 1984 Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls Michael would be the one to take the torch from bird and magic in Jordan would carry that lead to new heights throughout the 1990s in 1992 the USA Olympic basketball team included NBA players for the first time in Olympic history led by Jordan magic and bird the dream team. Dominated the Barcelona summer Olympics and the team is commonly credited for increasing the NBA’s popularity onto a global scale after Jordan’s final retirement in 2003 players like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, and Steph curry took the torch and help the NBA’s brand grow into the league we know and love today.