7 Heaven


24 September 2016 one of the memorial moments for Pritish Khare and his team from where this story began, I wish I could be the part of the historic moment but unfortunately, I wasn’t there in the opening chapter. First time when I met Mr. Pritish khare I eventually got to know the season of spontaneous success of this most staggering tournament, for any one-night success we all need hard work of 100,00 hours that what Mr. Pritish khare provide that, energetic, calm, determinant, passionate, visionary and very friendly nature.

Let me tell you how visionary he is, in the very first season he came with the concept of live streaming of every single match! This was the first time in Delhi tournament history (7aside) who implement it very perfectly. So your parent’s colleagues and well-wishers could watch the match at home and feel the excitement even without being there interesting! In my opinion, this tournament only places where you will find unbias referee and experienced that.

There is only one singular reason Mr. Khare who just added plenty of new features like last season they added an interview with every player and number of games apart from the tournament, for example, crossbar challenge, fastest dribbling, etc. Where they provide exciting gifts. In 1st season (2016) about 20 teams participated for this tournament, this tournament last long for only 2 days but in just 2 days create an extraordinary effect in heart of participants. Venue for this tournament was IGIPESS college (University of Delhi, Vikaspuri).

The establishment of memories was not only for players and participants but also for spectators, volunteers, and for the management team. Every team played well in this cup but as we all know only one could be the winner and that was South Delhi FC, South Delhi broke the heart of Alcoholic FC with a stunner goal and gave us the first-ever winner of 7heaven tournament in most staggering fashion