Rules of Badminton


The Badminton national game of Indonesia is widely played in many corners of the world. This game is played by a single (1 vs 1) as well as doubles (2 vs 2). The object is to win 3 sets faster than opponent or opponent team, you must score 21 points to win a set if a set comes to a 20-20 situation one to score two points ahead will be given the set victory.

Here is the thing we can’t do in badminton to not let points be given. You cannot hit the shuttlecock out of the area of play, you cannot touch the net or onto net unless shuttlecock will land on your side of the net, you cannot touch shuttlecock with any part of your body except racket.

To score a point a player must keep these things in mind, you must aim to hit the shuttlecock with your racket over the net and onto opponents floor without the opponents returning the favor.

To start a game a player must serve shuttlecock below the waist on the other side of the court and it must travel over the net, on the outline of the court if shuttlecock lands on line point to the opponent. The aim of the game is to hit shuttlecock on your opponent’s floor.
These are terms which are famous in badminton – forehand, backhand, slice, touch, and most astonishing smash.

Length of court – 13.4 m
Width of court – 6.1 m
Height of net – 1.55 m


Once a player awarded points they are also given the next serve and once a player aware 21 points they are awarded set and first to win 3 sets is the winner of the game.

There are rules term used in badminton. Fault – this decision is up to referee he /she decided if there is foul technically and awards point to another player.

Let – when the shuttlecock hits the net but it goes to another side of court games moves on unless the shuttlecock is on the same side opponent don’t get point.
30th point rule – its a situation in-game where there is 29 – 29 draw on both sides at this time decider point will be the set winner.
So that was badminton in a nutshell.