Rules of Table Tennis


Table Tennis national game of china is widely played in many corners of the world also known as ping pong probably because of the ball (ball is called ping pong ). This game is played by a single (1 vs 1) as well as doubles (2 vs 2). The object is to win 3 sets faster than opponent or opponent team, you must score 11 points to win a set if a set comes to a 10-10 situation, one to score 2 points ahead of another will given the set victory.

Here we will stress about the things we can’t do in ping pong in order to not lose points. You cannot hit the ball directly onto the ground outside the area of play, you cannot hit the ball twice in doubles play, you cannot allow the ball to bounce more than once and also cannot hit the ball without a bounce, can not touch the ball with any part of the body, the one hand which is not used in playing cannot be held on the table unless points will be rewarded to the opponent, any of this error will be enough to reward you, opponent, with points

Ideal table -:
length of the table – 274 cm
Width of table – 152.5 cm
Height of net – 15.25 cm
There is a centre line on the table connecting two sides.

There are also rules on how to play an ideal game in singles player can serve on any place of the table but in doubles, the ball must touch an opposite corner of the table in alternate serves and there’s one more about doubles that are each player gets 2 serves alternately until the opponent gets next 2 serves.

There are 2 famous terms in ping pong:

Deuce -: its a situation when the game comes to a drawn points situation which is 10-10 but the winner of the set will be decided who scores two more points than another.

Out of play -: it is specifically for duels play in which player has to shot or touch ball alternatively unless points to the opponent.