Rules of Kabaddi


Kabaddi is a famous Indian sport played by two teams. 12 players in each team where 7 taken to the court at the time of playing. Two halves are played of 20-20 minute

The object of the game is that your team have scored more points than the other team. A team must send player known as a raider in opponent’s half while chanting the word kabaddi repeatedly. The first goal of a raider is to reach baulk line, failure to do this result in the raider being out, and cannot participate in the next part of the game. The second goal of a raider is to touch many player and reach to the other side of the mid line before the raider get caught up or tackled by opponent defenders. He can do it in several ways: with hand touch, kick, escape tackle and etc . 1 point is given after any successful raid and also a number of players out are number of points given to an opponent

Defender’s job is to stop raider or not letting him touch and he has to stops raider by ankle hold, back holds, front tackle. If a player gets out he has to stay in sitting block until the team gets point or out opponent’s player in order to revive their player. It is an ultimate game of cat and mouse. the defender should be far enough to not get touched and close enough to tackle.

Important terms related to kabaddi

The lobby – It’s an extended area of play of yellow color in the lobby which activates when a defender has touched and both raider and defender take that space to get point.

Bonus line – This line is active when there are 6 to 7 defender take in the one half of lobby and to get the bonus point a player have to cross bonus line with one leg in the air and another leg on the other side of the line.

Super tackle – When there is 2 or 3 defenders are left and they managed to tackle the raider they get 2 points.

Do or die raid – when a team have 2 unsuccessful raids 3rd one is do or die raid failing to score in 3 raid results in a rate of losing point and raider.

All out – When raider touches remaining defender of the opposite team and it all outs. It gets 1 point for the players touched and 2 bonus points.