Rules of Volleyball


The objective of the game three set faster than the opposing team are made up of 12 players with six players to the court to any one time, They consist of libero and to setters in the back row can a left side right side and middle hitter in the front row. To win a set you must score 25 points and be at least two points I had if the score 25 24 for example game carries until one team has a two-point lead. Sound easy so how to I scored his. To score points you must am to set the ball over the net and onto the opponent’s court. The court is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide and the area you are aiming for is nine by nine. There is an attack line 3 meters away from the net. The net is 8 feet about the ground for men 7 foot 4 inches for women.

If the ball is hit on to the lines this also counts as a point. Hitting the ball over the net onto the floor to win. Sounds easy enough, but in volleyball, your team is only allowed up to 3 touches of the ball the first touch is known as the pass or bump. This is usually to control an attack from your opponent’s. The second touch is known as a set and is a set up so that the attacking player can make the final shot. The third such is known as an attack or a spike. This usually is an attacking shot over the net aimed at your opponent’s court the team can take less than three touches if they want to and the game is back and forth affair with both setting up the bowl and attacking each other’s court. In the sport of volleyball ball, however, it’s very easy to lose points. There’s a lot of things you can’t do in volleyball. You can not hit the ball on to the ground outside the area of play you cannot hit the ball toys in a succession, you cannot catch or throw the ball.

You cannot step over the line during a serve.
You cannot tell the net or run underneath the nets. You can’t hit the ball into the antennas of the net and as early as mentioned you cannot touch the ball more than three times.

All these errors result in your opponent being awarded the point and the next serve

Once your team has won a point, all the players must rotate clockwise to stand at a new position. Once a team has won 25 points and at least two points ahead, they win set. The team that wins 3 sets first wins if both teams have won two sets each the fifth and final set only goes to 15 points. That’s basically volleyball in a nutshell but there are a few other things you will need to understand before playing or going to a game for an example:

DIG: A dig is playing to stop the ball hitting the ground after an attacking player will usually dive on to the floor to rescue a ball. Unlike blocks, a dig does count as one of your three touches.

LIBERO: A libero is a defensive specialist who can come on at any time in place of any back role player. A libero wears a different color Jersey to the rest of the team and is usually the most agile player on the team. Their job is to rescue attack by performing spectacular digs. However, a libero cannot serve the ball, a libero cannot make an attacking shot and finally, a libero cannot cross the attack line.

Substitution: During a stoppage in play, a team can substitute up to players per set. To do this they must inform the officials who will count the substitutions. A player must re-enter in the same position they came out from a libero can be substituted an unlimited amounts times and only one player can substitute at any time.

Block: When an attack imminent defender can jump in the air try to stop an attack reaching the floor you are not allowed to reach over the net but the advantage is that a block does not count towards one of your three touches should the ball end up on your side of the court.