Role of Referee in Football


In football matches referees play a very vital role in making decisions they have ultimate pressure of 22  players, coaching staff and both team fans.
Especially in high voltage matches such as el Classico, the bloody rivalry of MUFC and LFC or some other derby, where you need more consciousness, because in these matches even if you did the wonderful job you will not be praise by anyone but in case you make a small error which changes the match circumstances you will be highly criticized by fans, mentally assaulted by players and coaching staff and strict action by association’s.

Referee Major Duties

The referee has to maintain decorum into the park and take appropriate action towards an inconvenient act from the players,  coaching staff and fans.
(Inconvenient acts such as committing fouls, dive, offside, unnecessary comments and racial comments)

Referee relations with the linesman and other officials

The referees should always make an unbiased decision and show card in the very harsh tackle and brutal situations.
Referee have to report official for injuries and incident happen during the matches Referee relation towards both linesman and officials should be good for trouble-free matches.
Referees can overturn linesman and official decisions, even they could against the odds of var (video assistant referee) but this very unusual and not good for the best outcome.

Officials and Linesman:

The linesman is for the help of the referee in making decisions and allows the referee to do his work with full of ease. Officials they are there to look after administration and substitution of the matches.

Some Popular incident of unfair referee decisions:-

PSG vs BARCA 2017

In 2017, UCL round of 16 PSG was facing Barca and PSG won the first leg by 4-0 and Barca has to make 5 goal difference to qualify for next round.
In-home leg Barca scored 6 goals and the match ended up 6-1, and Barca got to qualify for next round. But 4 goals out of 6 were controversial decisions by referee and other staff which leads to suspension of referees.
That was one of the most disgraceful events.

Chelsea vs Barca 2006

One of the most controversial matches, where referee didn’t award 3 penalties to Chelsea and they got knocked out. This match is known as the biggest robbery in football history. From this incident, we have to learn and only allow unbiased referee in the matches. FIFA and Europa league should take strict actions to deal with this kind of situations. Introducing var is a very good initiative but var have its own flaws they should be removed and apply more precisely and able to make good football matches.