Republic Wheelchair Basketball 2020


A joyful day for Belgavi Shooters on the 26th of 2020 and a little unfortunate or unforgettable day for Team Divyaang Myithri so near but so far. After a long wait, we can find our winner as Belgavi Shooters. Even Team Divyaang Myithri also makes it tough for the Belgavi Shooters. The game ends with tears for both the Belgavi Shooters team and the Divyaang Myithri team, One team wept with tears of joy Others were crying with tears of sorrow.

Every player on both teams showed their genuine character, and even at the last minute of the game, it was hard to decide which team would raise the trophy. But Belgavi Shooters stunned everyone with their performance in their well-known style. Belgavi Shooters raises the trophy in the most stunning fashion.

But the path wasn’t easy for both of the teams, but it was challenging and demanding. Team Divyaang Myithri faced tough teams like Bangalore Jaguar, Davangere Tigers, Bengaluru Bulls, Bajarangi Boys, and Team Divyaang Myithri before the finals. All matches have been very competitive. Team Divyaang Myithri has lost only one match… While the Belgavi Shooters Team faced the same teams as the Divyaang Myithri Team.

They’ve only lost a single game. In the semi-finals, they stunned the Bajarangi Boys team, who were more likely to win the trophy. Every quarter of the final was full of excitement, and the fans were eagerly waiting for the champion at the end of every quarter, and it was getting more dramatic. And both teams gave their best and Belgavi Shooters announced it was the winner in the last quarter of the game.