Organizer’s way of looking at a tournament

How Many Steps to Climb ??

So we from Sportelos wanted to have an article about the organizers of a tournament . It does look like a really fun job from the outside doesn’t it ? It looks like a job everyone would love to do right. It definitely harder than how it looks from the outside view. There are lot of things which we need to consider while hosting a tournament.

A hosting a tournament can be a way to raise funds of an organization or bringing recognition your club deserves.

Let’s look at the various steps an organizer goes through for hosting a tournament Estimated Budget

Before an organizer hosts a tournament he should have a look at the net spend and how much can be invested upfront. Youth kids host tournaments lately to make up their pocket money. It is a good profit if planned smartly. An organizer is advised to take advice from a person who has organized tournament before to have a better idea on how to do it .

Budgeting on Excel Sheet.. Better use Google Spreadsheet !!!

The budget of the tournament is usually done on a excel sheet.Number of Teams If an Organization is a large scale Organization . It won’t rely much on the entry fee of teams to set a budget.They set a certain budget and call the number of teams which will fit the budget. On the other hand if the budget is set by a small scale industry or by youth’s , they set the budget depending on the number of registrations they get.Location of the tournament

The location of the tournament has to be in a prime location. The tournament hosted outskirts might or might not be a good idea . The rent of the ground is cheaper if it is hosted outskirts but to pull off good number of teams will be harder to do.If the organizer has good contacts and get good number of teams for a tournament outskirts of the city then i’d say it would be cheaper to host a tournament outside. Another disadvantage is sponsors it’ s harder to find sponsors for outskirts of city than center of the city. So organizer has to take all this into consideration when looking for the location.


An organizer should look into Sponsors as they do play a huge role in hosting a tournament . A sponsors basically gives something good for the tournament, it can be money or anything else in return for something which is going to help the company which is sponsoring to grow. A organizer needs to find good sponsors to have a success in the event. Like it has been said earlier , mentor helps you to skill up and a sponsor helps you to move up.

Rules of the Tournament

The Rules of the tournament should be set to avoid inconvenience during the tournament. Every tournament should have one common rule on it saying that referee decision is final. Once the rules are set,the tournament poster should be made.It is important for the poster to be made as early as possible . The Promotions for the tournament will take some time. To avoid last minute hustle. It should be made as early as possible.

These are the various ways to host a good tournament. If you feel we have missed anything , do let us know by commenting below.