BPFL 2019


BPFL is Flagship Tournament of CoachDirect in Electronic City Bangalore

Author Adi Sreevatsa

A tournament named BPFL was played for the second time from January 2019 to March 2019. This tournament was played for the second time. It was earlier played in September 2018 to November 2018. The tournament was played in Redbridge International Academy in Electronic City. The video coverage was done on Facebook and YouTube. The tournament was played with 9-a-side month. The tournament was played in a group knockout format.

Bangalore Blasters FC
Free Agent FC
Goal diggers
Rabona FC
Sporting Union FC
Turf dribblers
VAS academy FC

The tournament was played only on Sunday’s. Each Sunday four matches would be played. The tournament lasted for two months.  Goal Diggers had a good tournament. They went invincible the entire tournament having drawn only one match and winning the rest of the matches. They secured the table-toppers spot with 25 points. 8 wins and 1 draw.  The top scorer’s name was Lohith who played for goal diggers. He was an important player for them. He scored 11 goals.

Goal diggers were followed by DFC. They finished second in the table with 22 points. They won 7 matches, they drew 1 and they lost 1 match. They had a good season too. They would be disappointed to have been missing out on the table-toppers spot. Gautham Rao had a good spell with 6 goals. Their only loss was to Rabona FC.  Gautham Rao and Chirag both scored 6 goals in 5 matches and Padmaraj scored 5 goals in 3 matches.

After DFC it was Rabona FC. They finished third in the table with 20 points. They won 6 matches drew 2 matches and lost 1 match. Siraj was their top player with 4 goals. They would have hoped to turn those draws into wins. They would be hoping for an improvement in the next season. Their only loss was to table-toppers Goal diggers.

Sporting Union finished fourth in the table, They had 3 loses with 1 draw. They finished with 16 points. This was the last team to enter the semis. They would devastate to have 3 loses in the group stages although they did end up going to semi-finals. They would have hoped to go into semi-finals. They had Anu who fired 5 goals in 4 matches.  He had a good spell. They faced their loses against all of them in the table. Goal Diggers, DFC and Rabona. They would have hoped to beat at least one team above them to have hoped to finish top 4.

After Sporting Union it was JFC. They ended up just 1 point adrift from Sporting union. They had 4 loses and 1 draw. They had 15 points in the bag at the end of 9 games. Had a really sad campaign. They couldn’t really keep winning momentum going. They didn’t really have anyone who can be keeping putting the ball back of the net. The team never really got going.

BI FC finished fifth with 13 points. They faced 5 loses, drew 1 match and won 4 matches. They didn’t have a good season whatsoever. They would be disappointed with themselves to not have the best seasons. They would definitely harder for the next tournament.  They did play an extra game which the other teams did not play.

Bangalore had a  mixture of results with 3 wins 4 losses and 2 draws .  They ended up with 11 points. They slipped 5 points from a top 4 finish. They wouldn’t be really happy with how the game went for them. They would want to come back stronger next season.

VAS Academy didn’t really give a fight this season.  They just bagged 5 points. They played two games for a draw and won one game . They did lose the rest of the games. They never really got themselves going. Govindaraju did try his best to keep his team going. He scored 7 goals in 5 games by finishing second in the top scorer’s list and Ashok scored 4 in 4 matches. None of this was enough to get the team important wins. They would hope for a better solidity in defense.  Attack wins you matches defense wins you titles this was quoted by the great Sir Alex Ferguson. They would hope to keep a better shape in the upcoming seasons.

Free-agent FC picked up only 1 win. They never really tested their opponents. They were really poor the entire season. They would be hoping for better upcoming seasons. They will need to get a few fresh faces in for a better coming season. The coach would be utterly disappointed to have a season as bad as that . 

Turf Dribblers 

They had the same number of points as Free agent FC. They ended up below them due to the goal difference rule. They will be disappointed too to have such a poor season. They didn’t test any team whatsoever. They will need to strengthen in certain positions which they hope to do in the upcoming seasons.


They didn’t play the tournament after their first match which they did lose. Looks like they weren’t happy with the loss. They should have kept continuing in the tournament for the exposure side of things. looks like they had other ideas. They finished last with 0 points