Millennium Cup 2018


Basketball 3×3 Tournament in Bangalore, May 19-20, 2018

3×3 U13 Boys Finalists: Bharath Union & Delhi Public School

Bharath Unions was one of the teams making a place in the finals of the U13 Boys Basketball tournament. The team dominated from the initial of the competition.

Delhi Public School (DPS) was yet another team making through the finals of the competition.

Roadmap to Boys Finals For DPS

  • Semifinal win vs Sharp Shooters (11-4)
  • Round 2 : victory against ABN Boys (8-0)
  • Round 1: victory against VSAI (9-0)

Finals: DPS South Boys 7 : 6 Bhatath

Roadmap to Girls Finals For DPS South

  • Roadmap to finals for DPS South
  • Semifinals : victory against Giants (12-7)
  • Quarter finals: victory against NBA Juniors (15-1)
  • Round 1 : victory against IBBC (11-6)

DPS Girls too were impressive in the tournament. They won the finals of the 3×3 Girls Above 16 & thereby added glory to their school by winning one more title to their name.

Congratulations to the Delhi Public School for their sporting performance in the tournament.

Such tournaments play a huge significant role for the progress of the sport in nation.