Sportelos – Game On App

Streamline Your Tournament

Use our handy mobile apps to increase productivity. Spend more time focused on the performance of your links and optimizing your tournament’s journey.

Our product offers a complete set of modules to manage a tournament with schedules, scorekeeping, live scorecards, point table, players stats, notification, Facebook, infographics, audience engagement through social channels.

In Control of Your Game
Players, Teams, Tournaments and Grounds
Team & Individual Sports
In Application and Share
Your Own Tournaments
Track Your and Players Stats

Your Command Center

  • Sports as a Service Platform to manage tournament events
  • Player profile management
  • Connect Player with Coaches
  • Talent hunt discover of players from grass root
  • User-based sports content and fans engagement/management  

Enterprise software sports-as-a-service based on big data on Cloud/SaaS (Software As a Service) application, it connects players, sports clubs, coaches, tournaments organizations at schools/colleges and corporate on to a common single platform.

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